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Update day: March 22, 2018

Watch; information (prevention of trouble of elderly person, person with a disability, child)

As the latest information to protect elderly person, person with a disability, child from consumers damage, National Life Center makes; watch, and introduce information. "What kind of invitation, transaction is carried out now?" is news whether "what kind of product accident occurred".

Watch; fresh information

It is leaflet which we collect malicious business method concerning occurring elderly person, person with a disability and product accident information, crime prevention, disaster prevention information and just edited. We do the latest introduction.

Buy expensive product in one-day bus trip that was successful by prize; to have (watch fresh information 304 issue); is update on << March 22, 2018≫


As brochure "which won free one-day bus tour" from mail order site that we used well had been sent, we participated with friend. We dropped in at fur factory, and, by the way, expensive fur such as meeting room was recommended first. After having tried on various products, try-on of product which we liked again was recommended and became atmosphere that you might purchase and contracted fur coat of approximately 800,000 yen on credit. We are sorry just after that and cannot sleep at night either. Cooling is off and wants to stop contract. (woman in 60s)

Advice, also known as person

  • After being elected by prizes such as supermarket or mail order company, and participating in free or bargain bus trip, consultation that large amount of jewel or fur were recommended to in facility which dropped in on the way is put.
  • We are overawed by atmosphere of the place, and case which feeling becomes exalted in non-daily life called trip and purchases carelessly is seen. We calm down, and let's think about really necessary thing well. It is important to decline flatly if not necessary.
  • There may be cooling off if we meet requirements. When we were in trouble, please consult with consumer service centers of the local government to live early (consumers hot line 188).

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Watch; fresh information (leaflet)

Child support information

You should be careful and are leaflet which we collect malicious business methods aiming at accident information and recall information of product in conjunction with child, child care family and edited now.
We do the latest introduction.

Let's think about smart how to get along nets not to post easily (child support information 126) and update on << March 14, 2018≫


Example 1

We have posted with jersey with school badge of junior high school which son of junior high student went along in video sharing site on. We lost ID and password and were not able to turn off video afterwards. (the person concerned: junior high student man)

Example 2

We uploaded photograph which daughter of junior high student took with friend in SNS. Because we boiled setting publicly, anyone was in a condition to be seen. We notice and did behind closed doors, but want to delete information of photograph which already began to flow. (the person concerned: junior high student woman)

Advice, also known as person

  • Child has posted video and image, note that individual may be identified on SNS, but consultation "that was not able to delete" which "we want to delete" is sent.
  • Even if contribution, the person who transmitted deletes video, image and note in net, we may not completely erase. In addition, it will prevent you from posting easily as we may develop into big trouble by personal information leaking.
  • At first we recognize risk definitely, and let's usually talk with family and adult of the circumference about how to use to use the Internet safely usefully.
  • When we encountered trouble, at first let's confirm coping method in company providing service. In addition, consultation counter about deletion methods of image includes "illegal harmful information consultation center".

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Child support information (leaflet)

Back numbers

It was introduced in the past; "watch, and fresh information" can look at "child support information" on homepage of National Life Center.

National Life Center


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