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Update day: December 13, 2017

Watch; information (prevention of trouble of elderly person, person with a disability, child)

As the latest information to protect elderly person, person with a disability, child from consumers damage, National Life Center makes; watch, and introduce information. "What kind of invitation, transaction is carried out now?" is news whether "what kind of product accident occurred".

Watch; fresh information

It is leaflet which we collect malicious business method concerning occurring elderly person, person with a disability and product accident information, crime prevention, disaster prevention information and just edited. We do the latest introduction.

We update for cold call of crab on precaution (watch fresh information 297 issue) << December 6, 2017≫


There was a telephone to home from marine products distributor during absence of oneself, and wife appeared. Supplier knows own address and name, "contact person who ordered marine products with catalogue gift before. It is said, we send snow crab by collect on delivery six days later, and it is said that wife understood without understanding the circumstances. To hear story, we called to number that remained in call register of telephone, and after telling saying "we want to cancel order", it was approved after the return by wife. We are afraid whether you were able to cancel. (man in 60s)

Advice, also known as person

  • It is put consultation that communication thinks that family who is not produced ordered with supplier though we want to cancel, and has answered that product reached though we declined that we were made to contract in response to cold call of marine products such as crabs forcibly a lot.
  • When it is unknown whether family ordered, we answer the person after confirming, and thing corresponding to cool is important without answering immediately.
  • When we receive invitation over telephone and contract, there is cooling off for less than eight days.
  • When we do not get manufacturer and communication and were in trouble when it is uneasy, please consult with consumer service centers of the local government to live early (consumers hot line 188).

Downloading of file

Watch; fresh information (leaflet)

Child support information

You should be careful and are leaflet which we collect malicious business methods aiming at accident information and recall information of product in conjunction with child, child care family and edited now.
We do the latest introduction.

SMS (child support information 123) << December 13, 2017 update to talk about major mail order site, and to demand unpaid rate≫



To smartphone "registration charges are unpaid to site. When there was not communication, SMS of contents to shift to legal means arrived by the end of today. The major mail order site name was listed as the transmission cause, but has not used this site. What to do. (the person concerned: junior high student man)

Advice, also known as person

  • We talk about the names such as existing companies, and consultation that SMS (short message service) having no idea, "rate of pay site is unpaid" touched is sent.
  • If unidentified SMS having no idea arrives, it is important to delete immediately without opening.
  • It will prevent you from trusting easily even if familiar for the names of origin of transmission. Personal information is got when we contact, and money may be required.
  • When it is worry, let's talk with consumer service centers of the local government to live (consumers hot line 188).

Downloading of file

Child support information (leaflet)

Back numbers

It was introduced in the past; "watch, and fresh information" can look at "child support information" on homepage of National Life Center.

National Life Center



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