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Update day: May 30, 2018

Watch; information (prevention of trouble of elderly person, person with a disability, child)

As the latest information to protect elderly person, person with a disability, child from consumers damage, National Life Center makes; watch, and introduce information. "What kind of invitation, transaction is carried out now?" is news whether "what kind of product accident occurred".

Watch; fresh information

It is leaflet which we collect malicious business method concerning occurring elderly person, person with a disability and product accident information, crime prevention, disaster prevention information and just edited. We do the latest introduction.

Eyes are inconvenient…Door-to-door sales trouble of newspaper


From solicitor of newspaper which we said that it was the greetings circumference and visited, we were said "to put up rice and detergent" and received invitation of newspaper. Though we declined as eyes were inconvenient, we have been going to contract 3-month newspaper subscription. Solicitor signed contract instead. Solicitor visited again, and it was said, "it is what to cancel" afterwards when we reported as there was telephone of thanks from store when we wanted to cancel. (the person concerned: 40s woman)

<advice, also known as person>

  • It confirms visitor or business well before opening door, and it is important to decline flatly before we open door if not necessary. When we do not intend to contract even if premium is left, we may return without using.
  • Unknown person does not go in and out of house of person with a disability and elderly person of single life, or neighboring people will usually mind life whether there is not strange state.
  • It is important to fix environment to get communication with local welfare officer or the care person concerned immediately.
  • It is less than eight days and can perform cooling off after receiving legal contract document.
  • When we were in trouble, please consult with consumer service centers of the local government to live (consumers hot line 188).

Downloading of file

Watch; fresh information (leaflet)

Child support information

You should be careful and are leaflet which we collect malicious business methods aiming at accident information and recall information of product in conjunction with child, child care family and edited now.
We do the latest introduction.

Let's prevent fall accident of child from porch and window


While we got brothers to sleep, it was far by child. Outside called "bump" when confirmed street in front of home as I heard a sound, child was face down, and fell down. We locked, but, with one fold of lock, child opened window by oneself on that day and appeared in the third-floor porch and seemed to usually fall into Mie at window. We broke chin, eyes, bone of nose and were hospitalized for six days. (the person concerned: 5 years old, boy)

Advice, also known as person

  • It prevents you from keeping, and what let you stay at home only in children in particular will stop small child one in room with porch and window to prevent fall accident from porch and window.
  • We lock doorway and window to porch and attach supporting lock out of reach of children, and let's fix environment preventing fall depending on the development of child.
  • Near handrail and the window of porch, it is important not to put footing where child can easily get on and thing that it is.
  • Let's check whether structure part of handrail and window of porch does not have wobble or corrosion, falling off.

Downloading of file

Child support information (leaflet)

Back numbers

It was introduced in the past; "watch, and fresh information" can look at "child support information" on homepage of National Life Center.

National Life Center


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