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Update day: December 10, 2018

Job Opportunities

We are doing that we plan combination of the work force supply and demand with basic duties by introducing the adapted occupation to hope and ability to person (jobseeker) who is looking for work in HelloWork Kokubun (Kokubun public job placement office), and introducing human resources deserving to be in business owner demanding human resources (person of job offer) most.

In Kirishima-shi, HelloWork Kokubun (Kokubun public job placement office) provides as part of employment administration; "position offer information publishes stripe". In addition, we publish job offer table for "person of UIJ turn" and "elderly person" that the Kirishima city becomes working place.

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Please consult with HelloWork Kokubun (Kokubun public job placement office) about one where application one desired, detailed position offer information want to be confirmed directly.

Homepage of HelloWork Internet service

Application, reference about position offer information


The location

Phone number

Kokubun public job placement office
(HelloWork Kokubun)

1-4-35, Kokubuchuo, Kirishima-shi


Kirishima wakamono
HelloWork, Kirishima wakamono HelloWork guidance flyer (PDF: 430KB)

1229, Hayatochomitsugi, Kirishima-shi
(the second floor of the ion Hayato, Kokubun shop)


Aira-shi hometown

32-4, Miyajimacho, Aira-shi


Young fellow drops in casually and is facility where every service such as offer and carrier consulting, job placement of information about employment are received by one stop. Kagoshima student employment counseling office (young HelloWork) adds, too.


The location

Phone number

Kagoshima youth employment support center
Catch work Kagoshima (we link to outside site)

1-38, Higashisengokucho, Kagoshima-shi
The third floor of aimubiru


Kagoshima youth employment support center
Kanoya satellite
(catch work Kanoya satellite)

3-3, Kitadacho, Kanoya-shi
The second floor of the Kanoya-shi industry support center


Kagoshima employment reporting site

Person who hopes for employment while doing child care is party of child, but is facility supporting smooth employment that accepted individual hope and needs such as offers of information about employment that fixed environment that is easy to visit an office.


The location

Phone number

Mothers salon Kagoshima

1-38, Higashisengokucho, Kagoshima-shi
The sixth floor of aimubiru
(the work plaza astronomy building)


We offer position offer informations to in hope of employment to agriculture and forestry fishery.


The location

Phone number

shunotoshien corner

1-43-28, Shimoarata, Kagoshima-shi
Kagoshima public job placement office


We carry out free of charge job placement for UI turn applicants becoming core human resources of prefecture company to plan securing of human resources of prefecture company.


The location

Phone number

Kagoshima oldness and human resources counselor's office

10-1, Kamoikeshinmachi, Kagoshima-shi


Kagoshima oldness and human resources counselor's office
Tokyo office

2-6-3, Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
The twelfth floor of the metropolis and districts Hall


Kagoshima oldness and human resources counselor's office
Osaka office

1-3-1-900, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi
The ninth floor of Osaka station square first building 11


We carry out training for new university graduate people and training for detached room job hopper to make it easy to acquire skill, and to find a job and perform incumbent training for incumbents.


The location

Phone number

School specialized in Fukiage high technique

1717, Fukiagechonakanosato, Hioki-shi


School specialized in Miyanojo high technique

881, Funaki, Satsuma-cho, Satsuma-gun


School specialized in Aira high technique

Aira-shi west 1120, Mochida


School specialized in Kanoya high technique

3482, Kawanishicho, Kanoya-shi


Person having obstacle carries out various vocational training that knowledge, technique that we accepted in the times is learned and helps independence as careerist about the type of job depending on appropriateness.


The location

Phone number

Ability for Kagoshima person with a disability occupation development school

1432, Irikichouranomyo, Satsumasendai-shi


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Commercial and industrial sightseeing department Commerce and Industry Division business and industry sightseeing policy studying group

〒899-4394 3-45-1, Kokubuchuo, Kirishima-shi, Kagoshima

Phone number 0995-64-0912

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