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Update day: July 12, 2018

About official announcement of food poisoning warning

From Kagoshima, food poisoning warning was announced on July 12.

When it became climate (period continuation considerable highest temperature 32 degrees Celsius or more) that is easy to occur of food poisoning in periods from June 15 to October 14, this is announced.

The prevention of food poisoning

Each one will prevent food poisoning about next carefully.

  1. Perishables such as meat, fish, vegetables will purchase fresh thing.
  2. Frozen necessary food may enter refrigerator and freezer refrigeration as soon as we took to go.
  3. Let's wash hand by all means before doing the front and meal to cook.
  4. Kitchen knife, cutting board which handled raw meat and fish will sterilize enough.
  5. Food to heat up, and to cook will heat up enough.
  6. It will prevent eating early and from leaving food after cooking including lunch to room temperature for a long time.
  7. Child, elderly person and weak person of resistance will write down eating raw such as edible meat.

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