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Update day: March 16, 2017

Site map


List of news

Child care, health, the welfare


Firefighting, first aid, disaster prevention

The history, myth, legend, culture

Education, culture, sports

Festival, event

Town development, industry, company invitation

Play, leisure

Municipal administration information

Hot spring, the accommodations

Product, special product

Consultation of living

Kirishima photo frame

Garbage classification dictionary

Seki flat mineral spring

Emergency medical treatment

Location, photography support

Oldness and the tax payment

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List of facilities

Educational travel

List of latest information


List of offer information

Traffic information

It is inquiry opinion

Tourist brochure

As for the public information, it is topic of island, town

On-line service

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About this site

Privacy Policy

Copyright and Links

Web accessibility policy

Collection of links

Way of search

Size, hue change

List of urgent information


General affairs department's secretary public relations section public information public hearing group

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