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Firefighting, first aid, disaster prevention


We show around introduction and news of Fire Bureau, information about various lectures, fire prevention.

Introduction of Fire Bureau

Association of Kirishima-shi disaster prevention

Firefighting statistics

News, class contents

House fire prevention relations

Fire prevention security information of building

Application downloading

Kids corner

Firefighting team

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First aid treatment, AED map

It is guide of information about first aid treatment and AED setting map in the city.

First aid treatment

AED map

First aid treatment cooperation office
Please utilize emergency consultation application to judge urgent degree of condition 2018 Kirishima-shi Fire Bureau lifesaving class plan Rental of automated external defibrillator (AED)

Disaster prevention

We show around disaster prevention map and evacuation site, information about regional plan for disaster prevention.

Victim support system

Disaster prevention map

For disaster

List of designated refuge places

Emergency broadcast system

Tower support required

Application, procedure

Nation protection plan

Regional plan for disaster prevention

Information about radiation

Action that you should take when ballistic missile may drop At the time of typhoon, heavy rain is helpful, and link


Volcano disaster prevention map

Mount Kirishima


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