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Municipal assembly

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The chairperson, vice-president

(the chairperson, vice-president, list of each generation chairperson, vice-presidents, expense account of assembly)

Member of the Diet list

(seat numerical order list, list according to denomination, list according to committee, order of the kana syllabary list)

Structure of assembly

(with assembly, administration of assembly, petition, petition, petition petition)

Plenary session, committee

(plenary session, committee schedule, bill contents, petition, petition, general interpellation, deliberation result that became devolution, approved statement of position, method of hearing)

Assembly broadcast

(broadcast in Government building, cable TV broadcast, assembly Internet broadcast)


(Standing Committee minutes, special committee minutes, Kirishima-shi assembly minutes search (outside site))

Public information, public hearing

(we filter Kirishima-shi assembly news, member of the Diet and word)

State affairs activity costs

(state affairs activity costs)

Administrative inspection (acceptance)

(acceptance (application for administrative inspection), the administrative inspection results of each year)

Committee inspection report

(committee inspection report of each year)

City Council Secretariat

(guidance of City Council Secretariat)

Term, collection of links

(assembly-affiliated collection of links, glossary)