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Update day: May 22, 2018

Banner insertion to Kirishima-shi advertisement business "Kirishima-shi official homepage"

Do you not publish advertisement (banner ad) in "Kirishima-shi official homepage?"

In Kirishima-shi, we place paid advertisement in "Kirishima-shi official homepage" for the purpose of securing of independent revenue sources and promotion of regional economy.

As you can expect big effectiveness of advertising, please inflect! (acceptance of 2018 was finished)

The number of Kirishima-shi homepage access

500,370 (the number of 2017 access)

About advertisement (banner ad) publication to "Kirishima-shi official homepage"


Banner ad of vertical 192 pixels of 40 pixels of X side, JPEG, GIF or PNG form

Publication charges

Because of 1 frame monthly basis 16,200 yen (tax-included)

Publication period

The most head can publish one month by one application as unit until month (March, 2019) in end of the fiscal year from April, 2018.

Publication position

It is the lower all pages other than top page of Kirishima-shi homepage

Payment of publication charges

As a general rule, it is made a lump-sum payment, but please consult about payment in installments as it is possible.

Application method

You attach banner image (plan) to application, and please apply.

Deadline for application Acceptance of 2018 was finished.

Downloading of file

Kirishima-shi advertisement business operation summaries

The Kirishima-shi homepage insertion handling points

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When you see file of Portable Document Format, Adobe Reader is necessary. Please download one that does not have Adobe Reader free from link of banner.


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