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Update day: November 7, 2017

Local support coupon

Public information attached hometown support "coupon" first for the local government of the prefecture that was usable for the purpose of activation of regional economy from May, 2013 issue in shop in the city in island. Do you not go to shop and the first shop to be worried about using advantageous coupon? You cut attached coupon along dotted line in island, and please use public information.

Coupon (expiration date: until the end of December, 2017) of November issue publication

Company, reference, address

Service contents

La maison dotinkaberu

2374-1, Kokubunabacho (we link to outside site)

It is purchase more than 1,080 yen

100 yen ticket present

Kirishima-jingu Shrine Monzen-cho materia Kirishima

0995-57-3399, 0995-57-0291

2458-8, Kirishimataguchi (we link to outside site)

17 kinds of lunch 100 yen discount (only on weekdays)

Additive-free health food 10% discount

Aomi Café (aomikafe)


4-13-19, Kokubuchuo (we link to outside site)


Soft drink one cup service

Person of preference firing, grilling foods on an iron plate bow


163-1, Kokubunoguchinishi (we link to outside site)

Lunch set of normal 200 yen

(salad, steamed egg hotchpotch, drink dessert) free of charge

Maruoka Park maruoka cherry tree Land


3201, Yokogawachokamino (Maruoka Park) (link to outside site)

One where it was eaten

Coffee one cup service

Focus consumers' cooperative COOP Kokubun shop of camera


1-53-1, Kokubufuchucho consumers' cooperative COOP (we link to outside site)

Digital camera print L size, postcard size half price

iPhone repair 1,000 yen discount

Relaxation (relaxation) fluctuation


1549-1, Kokubushinmachi (we link to outside site)

Massage; manipulative 30 minutes 3,000 yen

1,000 yen discount (reservation required)

Eye lash Wave (eyelash wave)


Line ID wavewave1105

2292-1, Mizobechosakimori (we link to outside site)

All eyelashes extension menus

10% OFF (reservation required)

Coupon (expiration date: until the end of November, 2017) of October issue publication

Company, reference, address

Service contents

Baker of forest

3864-284, Makizonochotakachiho (we link to outside site)

It is purchase more than 500 yen

Rusk present

Store specializing in Indian dishes muna (muna)


4-8-12, Kokubuchuo (we link to outside site)

Lunch 500 yen (chicken vegetable curry naan salad soup)

Dinner 10% OFF

Asian healing Ganesh Kokubun shop (as for the man, available)


6-17-21, Kokubuchuo (we link to outside site)

Thai ancient body care 120 minutes course

9,200 yen 5,500 yen (tax-excluded)

Thai ancient oil treatment 120 minutes course

11,500 yen 6,500 yen (tax-excluded)

Bar Ber shop Makoto-ya


6-13-1, Kokubuchuo (we link to outside site)

All menus

300 yen discount

(only as for the shampoo, impossible)

Maloop (marupu) for hair (we link to outside site)


478, Kokubuminato (we link to outside site)

New person technology rate

1,000 yen discount

In the optics temple, it is island Kokubu Yamagataya store


3-7-17, Kokubuchuo (Yamagataya 2F) (link to outside site)

Glasses, hearing aid

10% OFF

(there is product excluding partly)

Business trip mender third warehouse of bicycle


5-3-30, Hayatochojinguu (we link to outside site)

Flat repair (normal 945 yen)

500 yen (tax-included)

Business trip charges 0 yen! Business trip area (Kokubu, Hayato)

Fish parlor


3-24-26, Kokubuchuo (we link to outside site)

One where it was eaten and drunk

It is discounted by one group 1,000 yen from accounts

With other discount, services cannot use together. Use of copy is not possible.

Guidance of publication of coupon

Public information recruits companies offering coupon to island.

You download application than the following, and please use whether you propose more directly than the following input form.

Publication is free, but there are conditions such as there not being city tax delinquency.

Downloading of file

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When you see file of Portable Document Format, Adobe Reader is necessary. Please download one that does not have Adobe Reader free from link of banner.


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