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Update day: March 20, 2018

As for the public information island (2017)

1803 advertising posters

We published island electronic book version, and public information started from August, 2013 issue. As you can read at smartphone and tablet terminal, please use.

Case that indication varies according to models of use may not read.

March issue

PDF version

Electronic book version

As for the 2017 public information, it is island back number

PDF version

Electronic book version

machiiro (i public information paper)

As for the public information, you can see stripe anywhere anytime at smartphone or tablet terminal.

As for the details about machiiro, please see "machiiro" (i public information paper).

It was service name called i public information paper, but service name was changed by intention of operator until now in "machiiro". As you can read sequentially, please use even application of i public relations magazine.

Local support coupon

Public information recruits companies offering coupon to island.

About application for coupon publication, please see "local support coupon".

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