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Update day: November 19, 2018



If person praises town, we are brought up.

It is comfortable so as to participate. We are carrying out drill sima chair terrecognition system!

Please contact Kirishima PR section for the details about drill sima chair terrecognition system.

Drill sima chair tervideo

The exchange diary movie second which we praise

We begin Kirishima-shi, exchange diary.

Exchange diary, it which can participate with all the people loving Kirishima-shi are "social diary system (Social Nikki System)" (PDF: 2,045KB). But we write what we want to praise in diary, and there is rule handing to somebody. It is unprecedented project that unknown charm of Kirishima-shi gathers because diary is handed from person person.

Under exchange diary distribution praising!

Exchange diary

Drill sima chair tercard

Card "drill sima chair tercard" which is usable when we want to praise. You download, and please use freely.

Drill sima chair tercard(PDF: 35KB)

Kagoshima Airport planetarium video


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