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Municipal administration information

Kirishima-shi emigration, domiciliation information ojanse Kirishima-shi

We will tell about information about voice of support information and immigrant about emigration to Kirishima-shi, city empty house and land.

Introduction of Kirishima-shi

Voice of immigrant

Emigration, domiciliation support

Trial stay, local topic

Job Opportunities

Empty house, vacant store, land information

In Kirishima-shi emigration support gaidobukkusuntoko, it is island


Hometown tax system

It is introduction of hometown tax of Kirishima-shi and the past results, guide of tie-up to all of city companies.

With hometown tax

Flow of hometown tax procedure

Toward the donor
Toward the company The results of hometown tax Recruitment of Kirishima-shi hometown tax tie-up companies

Aim! World Geopark

We show around the approach situation of introduction of Kirishima Geopark and Kirishima Geopark promotion communication meeting.

Approach to Kirishima Geopark

Kirishima Geopark promotion communication meeting


Organization, Government building guidance of city

Organization of city

Business content of city

Government building guidance

Third sector

Staff employment examination  

Public information, your voice, home delivery of cooked foods lecture

Public relations magazine


Radio, SNS, video

Home delivery of cooked foods lecture

Topic of town

We clap our hands for everybody who did the best

Opinion and the answer that were sent

Public comment kirishimaisuta
Convenience book of living    

Gulf of ring Kirishima, Kinko depths meeting

Ring Kirishima meeting

Gulf of Kinko depths meeting


Plan, plan

Municipal administration

Traffic, disaster prevention, crime prevention

Living, environment

Child care, health, the welfare

Education, culture, sports

Town development, industry

The regulations, established regulation

The regulations that we promulgated

The regulations, established regulation  

Information disclosure, personal information protection, query

System of public offering of information

System for privacy protection

Specific personal information protection evaluation

Flows such as official document disclosure request in information disclosure, system for privacy protection

Kirishima-shi information disclosure, personal information protection examination committee

Information disclosure corner

The reemployment situation of Kirishima-shi retired employee

Salary, capacity management of Kirishima-shi

Approach policy for reviews such as salaries such as the Kirishima-shi skill labor staff

Kirishima-shi administration dissatisfaction examination committee

About all revision of Administrative Appeal Law


Budget, finance

Rehabilitation plan

Financial statements summary

Financing documents

Restoration judgment

Tables such as financial statuses

Summary of budget

Administrative reform

Administrative reform general rules, intensive reform plan

Administrative reform promotion Committee

Organization of city

Business content of city

Administrative evaluation

Administrative evaluation outside evaluation

Municipalities merger

Handover of power

Investigation about the approach situation into local administration service reform

Designated manager system

Summary of system

The designated procedure regulations


Law of relationships

Q&A of system

Questionnaire result

The introduction situation

Inspection result

Designated management candidate choice result

Facility where management administration is carried out for

Designated manager global assessment

Various styles

Meetings such as affiliated engines

Scheduled meeting

Meeting result

Guideline about exhibition of meetings such as engines attached to Kirishima-shi

Election, inspection, fair committee meeting



Fairness Committee

Bid, construction, inspection

Auction information

Style, the point

Bid (construction)

Bid (article, labor)

Bid participation qualification (rating)


Bid (municipal ownership place sale)    

International exchange, city interchange

International exchange

City interchange


Human rights

Approach about human rights

The issue of human rights

Enlightenment activity

Inquiry counter


Gender equality

About gender equality

The promotion system

Investigation, questionnaire


Lecture, seminar


Public auction

Movable property public auction

Internet public auction

Joint public auction

Tax sale    

The cosponsorship, support, the support


The Kirishima-shi Board of Education


Room of the mayor

To citizen's everybody

Profile of the mayor

Activity report of the mayor

Schedule of the mayor

Municipal administration in the future

The expense account execution situation

Mayor column

Regular news conference

During MCT broadcast "room of the mayor"

Municipal assembly

The chairperson, vice-president

Member of the Diet list Structure of assembly
Plenary session, committee

Assembly broadcast

Public information, public hearing

State affairs activity costs

Administrative inspection (acceptance)

Committee inspection report

City Council Secretariat

Term, collection of links

Introduction of city

Summary of city

Profile of deputy mayor Profile of the superintendent of education
Access, organization, Government building guidance

Guidance of Kirishima-shi oldness and meeting

Introduction of ojanse Ambassador Kirishima
Kirishima-shi support shop Morals uplift We look for in page of each section (City Council Secretariat, the general affairs department)

We look for in page of each section (Planning, citizen's Environment Department)

We look for in page of each section (health Welfare Division, agriculture and forestry Marine Products Division, commercial and industrial sightseeing department)

We look for in page of each section (the Construction Department, Fire Bureau, top and bottom water service department)

We look for in page of each section (the Board of Education, administrative committee, each general branch office)    

Statistics information

Statistical data

Kirishima-shi statistical documentation

It recruits Kirishima-shi registration investigators
Kagoshima homepage (statistics information)    

About advertisement

Kirishima-shi advertisement business

Banner insertion to Kirishima-shi advertisement business "Kirishima-shi official homepage"

Insertion to the Kirishima-shi advertisement business "pressure bonding postcard for news" back side