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Update day: June 28, 2016

List of latest information

February 16

It recruits viewers of "cast talk show talking about Saigo donno place, Kagoshima"!

February 16

It recruits use of Kirishima-shi farmland optimization promotion committees again

February 15

News of Kirishima, Kirishima-shi hot spring health promotion interchange center "shin*yu" business resumption

February 14

We hold "drill stripe food summit 2018"

February 13

Kirishima-shi construction carries out conditioning public competition (electron, mail) bid

February 12

Today's lecture was called off for influence of the snow! [New Year keynote address society]

February 9

Guidance of reports such as 2018 city prefectural taxes

February 9

Around crater warning (eruption caution level 2, around crater regulation) was announced in Mount Kirishima (rice tub) (February 9, 2018)

February 9

Kirishima-shi food collection now being held!

February 8

We updated position offer information

February 7

We watched and updated information

February 6

We updated international exchange event (during offer)

February 18

Charm discovery to act in Kirishima! We hold Godo Kigyo briefing session for high school student!

February 6

We updated local support coupon information

February 6

Public information issued island February issue

February 6

We see the sights of Kirishima easily! Kirishima tour sightseeing bus service start!

February 5

We establish Kirishima-shi top and bottom water service department customer center

February 5

We perform lottery of the fifth Kokubun, Hayato district municipal house resident

February 2

Let's make cold protection measures of water pipe

February 1

We learn and hold festival 2018

January 31

Influenza is prevalent

January 31

We hold the 22nd Ryoma honeymoon walk in Kirishima

January 31

2017 Kirishima-shi staff employment examination [architect] second passer

January 30

Shall we participate in Amori River volunteer cleaning?

January 30

Execution result of conditioning public competitive bidding of the Tuesday, January 30 execution

January 23

Kirishima-shi construction of 2018, 2019 accepts examination application (sections such as construction section, surveying, consultant) of bid participation qualification

January 22

We raise banner ads of Kirishima-shi official homepage

January 22

"Public information recruits advertisements of publication in island"

January 17

We hold action for marriage seminar & forum

January 12

It recruits Kirishima-shi scholarship students in 2018

December 25

"We begin Kirishima-shi, exchange diary." Under exhibition!

December 22

We hold Mori Station biography meet of the 27th Kirishima-shi, Uenohara Jomon

December 15

Article procurement of 2018, 2019 accepts examination application of bid (estimate) participation qualification

December 1

We raise insertions of "Kirishima-shi child care guidebook"

December 1

Delivery to home rate of Seki flat mineral water was revised

November 27

Care business began in after giving birth

November 27

About plant prevention method attention awakening in distribution of kind potato (potato)

November 17

Execution result of general competitive bidding (public car sale) of the Thursday, November 2 execution

November 9

TV reception measures construction by use of 700MHz promotion association begins

November 7

We issued news from assembly November issue

November 1

News of Kokubuchuo High School north street line suspension of traffic

October 31

Reporting (October 31, 2017 update) about eruption of Mount Kirishima (Mt. Shinmoe)

October 31

Eruption caution level around Ebino Kogen (sulfur mountain) was reduced

October 31

Kirishima-shi community construction announces ordering prospect (for October, 2017 period publication)

October 6

We announce the restoration judgment ratio based on financial statements and the lack of funds ratio in 2016

October 6

Around crater warning was announced in Mount Kirishima (Mt. Shinmoe) (October 5, 2017)

October 6

Action (reporting from country) that you should take when ballistic missile may drop

September 29

We announce Kirishima-shi staff employment examination [schedule 1] second passer in 2017

September 19

Please utilize emergency consultation application to judge urgent degree of condition

August 10

We get close to nature of magnificent Kirishima, and let's put advantageous product!

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