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Update day: June 28, 2016

List of latest information

September 20

We carry out general competitive bidding to affect public car sale

September 19

We updated position offer information

September 15

Kirishima-shi construction carries out conditioning public competition (electron, mail) bid

September 15

We postpone all schedules of Kirishima-shi staff employment examination and Kirishima-shi firefighting local public worker employment examination

September 14

We watched and updated information

September 13

Execution result of conditioning public competitive bidding of the Wednesday, September 13 execution

September 11

We hold the 30th citizen health lecture

September 6

We carry out employment structure basic investigation in 2017

September 5

We updated local support coupon information

September 5

Public information recruits letters from readers in island

September 5

News of Hayato farm village environment improvement center temporariness closing

September 5

News of Hayato public hall temporariness closing

September 5

News of Kokubuchuo Senior High School north street line suspension of traffic

September 5

We raise application groups of community furtherance business

August 31

We will tell about blood donation schedule in the city

August 31

Free law, registration, tax practice counselor's office is established on "Law Day"

August 29

About action that you should take when ballistic missile may drop

August 29

Of "the 14th island photo contest" raise works

August 23

We raise exhibition of "Nishigo donyokamon contest"

August 23

Schedule of the Kirishima mayoral election with the expiration and Kirishima-shi congressist election was fixed at November 26, 2017 for term

August 21

We will tell about entering offer schedule of municipal house

August 10

We get close to nature of magnificent Kirishima, and let's put advantageous product!

August 10

Please be careful about suspicious calls to talk about firefighting

September 19

Please utilize emergency consultation application to judge urgent degree of condition

August 8

Discount privilege system of land for sale by the lot was enriched more

August 8

We issued news from assembly August issue

August 8

We announce rating result of Kirishima-shi construction bid participation qualified person of 2016, 2017

August 1

We carry out fire prevention management and disaster prevention management class

August 1

We changed a part of the Kirishima-shi scenery plan

July 28

Sightseeing sound guide "island asking trip" increased "Takachiho peak course"!

July 27

Let's get luxurious product while enjoying the Gulf of Kinko depths!

July 24

We hold the twelfth Kirishima-shi flower contest

July 21

We raise supporting companies of 100,000 planting projects

July 6

We revise minimum limit price of construction calculation method

June 23

News of House of Representatives mapping out of single-seat election constituencies change

June 23

Please be careful about aerial request postcards from "civil action control center"

June 21

We raise scenery and episodes of unforgettable heart very much

June 13

Conference is held on Sunday about trouble between the labor and management

June 13

Kagoshima encounter support center was established

June 12

Kirishima international music festival 2017 is held

June 9

We hold "minnanojinken lecture"

June 1

We support return of city scholarship

May 31

We will tell about result of challenge day

May 26

Traffic is prohibited in mountain trail to Mt. Shinmoe sequentially

May 26

By eruption caution level reduction of Mt. Shinmoe, we set caution area newly

May 19

Please be careful about fraud such as refunds which talked about city official

May 19

Please be careful about membership system interchange site (SNS) troubles

May 10

Mt. Korea mountain climbing, please use course via big wave pond

May 9

Around crater warning of Ebino Kogen (sulfur mountain) was raised in eruption caution level 2

May 1

Kirishima-shi community construction announces ordering prospect (for April, 2017 period publication)

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