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Update day: January 15, 2019


  • We accept opinion, inquiry from all of you from Kirishima-shi homepage.
    When e-mail address or phone number is not input, please be careful as you cannot reply.
  • After the transmission, I send reception confirmation email automatically. When it does not arrive, it is thought that reception restrictions are set by input mistake of e-mail address or unwanted e-mail measures. When unwanted e-mail measures are set, please set to receive email "@city-kirishima.jp" from Kirishima-shi.
  • Precaution in input of opinion, inquiry column
    • Please perform newline, paragraph substitute at suitable position.
    • Please do not use half size katakana, platform dependent characters (circle number, Roman numeral, unit, existential quantifier). We cause mojibake, and content that we input may not be readable.
    • We cannot input zip code and phone number other than the half size number.
  • Answer may take time.
    Please note that you may introduce sent opinion (except personal information) with answer of Motoichi.

(I send automatic reply email to input e-mail address.)

We cannot input other than the half size number.

We cannot input other than the half size number.