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Update day: December 4, 2018

Meiji Restoration 150 years, TV saga "Saigo don"

We reached big knot of the 150th anniversary from the Meiji Restoration in 2018 (Heisei 30), and broadcast of NHK TV saga "Saigo (sego) don" began on January 7. We meet citizen's everybody, and let's heap up Meiji Restoration 150 years and NHK TV saga "Saigo don"!

It is ... with the Meiji Restoration

It was revolution of a series of political circles that the system of the Edo Shogunate collapsed, and were opportunity of the modern nation formation, and, in Satsuma feudal clan, it was the driving force. Satsuma feudal clan knew terribleness of the Western armaments, technology and difficulty of exclusion of foreigners by *eisenso of the next year started from the Namamugi Incident that happened in Yokohama in 1862. Satsuma feudal clan tries for absorption of Western civilization and begins to greatly work for Edo Shogunate overthrow and the new times called "Meiji" will open curtain afterwards in 1868.

Daily allowance Shanxi volost don village

Daily allowance Shanxi volost (sego) don village opened on Sunday, December 10 on reaching broadcast of NHK TV saga "Saigo don", the Meiji Restoration 150th anniversary.
In Saigo don village, we reproduce dragon treasure family which stayed when Saigo stayed in daily allowance mountain, and there is "podocarp of the dragon treasures" which is said to be when Saigo tied horse "Japanese garden" display and "Saigo donno accommodation" with interchange space. We let you expand facility sequentially and build temporary product sale place in 2017, and "product hall" selling "restaurant" and special product of Kirishima-shi in 2018 is going to build "footbath" healing person of visitor.
We look forward to your coming.

Door to local history


2018 is year of turning point of Meiji Restoration 150 years. We introduce the Meiji Restoration and relation of Kirishima under the theme of "Meiji Restoration and Kirishima" from this time.

  1. With the Meiji Restoration (PDF: 498KB)
  2. The Meiji Restoration and local autonomy (PDF: 479KB)
  3. The Meiji Restoration and education (PDF: 405KB)
  4. The Meiji Restoration and Shikine laboratory (PDF: 743KB)
  5. Meiji Restoration and mountain ka field (yamagano) 1, Kaneyama (PDF: 576KB)
  6. Meiji Restoration and mountain ka field (yamagano) 2, Kaneyama (PDF: 457KB)
  7. The Meiji Restoration and railroad (PDF: 321KB)
  8. The Meiji Restoration brought (PDF: 593KB)


Domestic last civil war "southwest position" terminates in 2017 and Takamori Saigou dies and is year of turning point for 140 years. Here, we introduce about fights that happened in process, Kirishima of person image and southwest role of Takamori Saigou titled "Takamori Saigou and Kirishima".

  1. With Takamori Saigou (PDF: 1,052KB)
  2. Saigo and education (PDF: 877KB) in volost
  3. Saigo and portrait (PDF: 1,136KB)
  4. Saigo anecdote (PDF: 889KB) to remain on daily allowance mountain
  5. Saigo anecdote (Kokubun, makien) to remain in Kirishima (PDF: 467KB)
  6. Background (PDF: 291KB) of "southwest position" outbreak
  7. "Southwest position" and Takamori Saigou (PDF: 316KB)
  8. "Southwest position" and Shikine laboratory (PDF: 432KB)
  9. "Southwest position" and war trace (PDF: 462KB) of Kirishima
  10. "Southwest position" and war trace (PDF: 469KB) of Kirishima
  11. Saigo south bank and book (PDF: 374KB)
  12. Anecdote "dog and matchlock" which Takamori Saigou left (PDF: 417KB)
  13. Southwest position gamoratashitamono (PDF: 664KB)
  14. jinseikun and last moments (PDF: 303KB) of Takamori Saigou

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