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Town development, industry, company invitation

Company invitation

We guide about the invitation situation and support project, site or preferential treatment system of company.

Company invitation

Company support

Lists such as invitation companies

Company introduction

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Commerce and industry

We show around promotion assistance measures or vacant store of small and medium size small business about stock bank business, founding support.

We support productivity improvement of medium and small-sized business

Company (company) support (subsidy systems)

Market reclamation support
Inflection such as vacant stores Safety net guarantor Founding support center

Mall activation

The Kirishima-shi small and medium size small business promotion regulations

Reduction tax rate measures subsidy

The employment, labor

It is subsidy program and position offer information for employment promotion, guide about consultation and minimum wages about labor.

Job Opportunities

Grant for employment promotion, stability

Labor consultation

Minimum wages of Kagoshima

The person with a disability employment

Work-related accident
Ability for occupation development Labor contract relations Labor insurance relations

Consumer life

Kirishima-shi consumer service center

Attention information, trouble information

Multiple debt

Security of product

Public information, news  

Agriculture, stock raising

Agriculture of Kirishima-shi

Tourist Farm, allotment


Direct payment systems of intermediate and mountainous area

Agriculture worker support

Farmland middle management business

Safety measures that are working on a farm

Pesticide, pest

The cultivation abandonment ground

Person, farmland plan

Multiple functions payment grant system

Stock raising

Agriculture committee Farm products fabrication plant Birds and beasts damage prevention plan
Kirishima-shi agriculture and forestry fishery products recommendation recognition system    

Forestry, fishery

Report, permission

Birds and beasts measures

The making of forest maintenance, forest



Empty house measures

Appropriate management of empty house

Inflection of empty house

The dismantling of empty house

Consultation counter about empty house

Approach of Kirishima-shi



Building certification

Long-term excellent house

Earthquake proofing


Electric wave steel tower public establishment

Asbestos measures

Construction Recycling Law Low-carbon building Apartment houses
The building energy saving method Dangerous house move business such as cliff place proximity  

Scenery maintenance

Scenery maintenance

Outdoor advertising matter

Watching at the same level as town

City planning, land readjustment

City planning

Land readjustment


Legal outside commonality

Procedure of legal outside commonality (public road, waterway) private use

Procedure of construction permission for legal outside commonality (public road, waterway)

Procedure of border call with legal outside commonality (public road, waterway)


Management of hedge facing the road appropriately

Kirishima-shi land bridge check result

Traffic regulation

Procedure about road Road adapt system City planning road

Road repair

New road Attending school road
Flood measures