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Education, culture, sports

The Board of Education

We show around basic direction of guidance and educational administration of measure about education of Kirishima-shi, key measure of each section of the Board of Education.

Education of Kirishima-shi

Precedent Board of Education

General education meeting

About the cosponsorship, support of event    

Kindergarten, school

We guide about information about educational institution and special approval school in kindergarten or the school systems.


Scholarship student, attendance at school support

Studying in special approval school system, mountain village

Primary, junior high and high schools

Inquiry counter

Earthquake resistance of school

School meal Kirishima work revolution Open call for participants type proposal to affect air conditioner PFI introduction possibility investigation duties
"Refresh week" "school closed days"    

Lifelong learning

It is guide about lifelong learning and youth development, volunteer agency system.

With lifelong learning

Volunteer agency

Kirishima academy

Coming-of-age ceremony

Inquiry counter

Young people's association

Youth development

Young people assembly


Public hall, social education facility

Use of public hall

Public hall commuter pass lecture

Public hall introduction

Social education facility


Various lectures

Public hall lecture

Media center lecture (we link to outside site)



Kirishima municipal library

Kokubun library Hayato library
Mizobe library room Yokokawa library room makienzushoshitsu
Kirishima library room Fukuyama library room  

Art culture

Culture facility

Drill island art exhibition

Drill island photo contest

Kirishima international music festival    

The history, cultural assets

Cultural assets

Facilities such as native district halls

History event, news

Media center

Media center



Sports facility

Sports facility (district distinction)

Sporting event

Sports security insurance    

Various consultation counters

Consultation about school

Consultation about the young people