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Family register, resident's card

We guide about moving and the marriage, procedure about family register, resident's card including the death and procedures such as certification of a seal impression

Procedure about family register, resident's card

Procedure about seal

Procedure about my number cards

Window of holiday, overtime




We guide about report and proof about various taxes, information about the tax payment

Report, the tax payment, proof

Personal city prefectural tax

Corporation municipal tax

National Health Insurance tax, care premium

Property tax

Light vehicle tax

Bath tax


Insurance, pension

We guide about application and payment about national pension and National Health Insurance, thing, medical system for elder senior citizens about health insurance card

National pension

National Health Insurance

Geriatrics and Gerontology system (medical system for elder senior citizens)

My number system

Social security, tax number (my number) system begins

Summary of my number system

System aims

With notice card

Protective measure of personal information

Specific personal information protection evaluation

Corporation number

Original use office work Main procedure that my number needs
Example of main documents which are omissible with "information cooperation" of my number system    

Garbage disposal/recycling

Garbage separation

Garbage collection, carry-on

Incombustibles processing

We take consideration into human waste

Pro-business wastes

Industrial waste

Wastes management type last disposal ground



The regulations, plan about environment

Global warming measure, energy saving

Renewable energy

Biological diversity

Kirishima-shi 100,000 planting project

Quality of the water maintenance, the noise, vibration, bad smell regulation, the atmosphere


Environmental beautification

Environmental learning

Environmental assessment    

Residents' association, social movement

District self-government public hall, residents' association


Social movement support

Community furtherance business    

Consultation of living

Consultation about home, child

Consultation for woman

Consultation about school

Consultation about the young people

Consultation about law

Consumer life consultation

Holiday tax payment consultation

Human rights consultation

Administrative counseling

Pension consultation

Consultation about the elderly person welfare, care

Consultation about health

Consultation about empty house measures

Consultation of dog and cat

Emigration domiciliation consultation

Consultation about the Internet (the mountains)    

Dog/cat, animal

Toward the owner of dog and cat

If pet is lost

To keep pet from now on; toward the thought

Traffic, crime prevention

Road safety

The outbreak situation of traffic fatal accident

Mutual Aid Traffic Accident Insurance Plan

Kirishima-shi reliable safe official approval

Crime prevention


Means of transportation





List of city parks

Kokubun district

Mizobe district

Yokokawa district


Kirishima district

Hayato district

Fukuyama district  

Municipal house

Entering offer information

Sky room information Municipal house
Municipal management alone house Specific public lease house Calculation of income monthly basis
Specific subsidized housing



Land for sale by the lot, new construction

Land for sale by the lot

Building certification

Earthquake-resistant assistance

Funeral hall, graveyard




Water supply, the sewer

Water supply

The sewer


The TV radio Internet

Electronic application

Cable TV

In FM, it is island

Data broadcasting

The Internet