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Child care, health, the welfare

The pregnancy, delivery

We guide about various reports about grant of mother and child health handbook and the specific infertility treatment costs furtherance, pregnancy and delivery.

The pregnancy



Child care information gungunno tree

We show around procedures such as various child care support projects or nursery schools, report of children's allowance, medical expenses subsidy program about information that child care relates to.

The pregnancy


Medical examination, vaccination

Injury, disease

Nursery school, kindergarten, Center for Early Childhood Education and Care

Elementary school

Subsidy program, medical treatment

Child care support

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It is food education together

List of news

Health, medical care

We guide about various vaccinations and medical examination, information about medical care, first aid medical treatment.


Infants medical examination

Health of adult, elderly person

Medical care, emergency medical treatment

Health promotion

Infectious disease information


License application

The elderly person welfare, care insurance

Care insurance


Elderly person support service

Inquiry counter

Longevity congratulatory gift of money

Welfare of persons with disabilities

Support of person with a disability

Service about the use of car

Thing about person with a disability abuse

Food education

With food education

Meal balance guide


Various facilities

Welfare institution

Privatization of facility


The war dead

Kirishima-shi war dead memorial service

Kokubun base Kamikaze war dead memorial service


Social welfare corporation

With social welfare corporation

Social welfare corporation-affiliated style


Sunday celebration Hiari house medicine, drugstore

List of medicine at-home on Sundays and holidays

Sundays and holidays drugstore itinerary



About welfare