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Update day: May 11, 2018

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

This website performs appropriate maintenance based on "Kirishima-shi ordinance of privacy protection" about collection, the use, management of personal information.

With personal information

We say thing which "personal information" is information (address, full name, phone number, E-mail address) about individual, and authorized individual is distinguished or can distinguish.
When individual is identified by full name directly, of course thing that it is revealed whose information it is becomes "personal information" by relating to other information even if we do not know the full name.

About collection of personal information

When Kirishima-shi collects personal information through this homepage, we should be offer of information by intention of user.
In collection of personal information, we state collection purpose clearly and perform this in range necessary to achieve purpose.
We do not collect personal information about thought, creed or religion and personal information that might cause social discrimination unless we establish in Kirishima-shi ordinance of privacy protection.

About protection of personal information

We use personal information that we acquired within the use purpose that we stated clearly beforehand. We do not perform the use except use purpose and offer unless we fix for Kirishima-shi ordinance of privacy protection.

On this website, we introduce SSL coding communication for security protection.

About management of personal information

Each section to have jurisdiction over manages personal information that we acquired severely and takes appropriate measures against prevention such as leak of information or unjust outflow, manipulation.

In addition, personal information that did not have to hold removes surely and immediately.


General affairs department's secretary public relations section public information public hearing group

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Phone number 0995-64-0955

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