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Update day: November 17, 2017

Oldness and the tax payment

Please support Kirishima-shi by oldness and the tax payment!

Oldness and tax payment system are "hometown" and systems that local, can realize thought of contribution or whom we want to support in form of donation in one way or another with relation deep until now that oneself was born and raised.
I would like support of town development of Kirishima-shi by oldness and the tax payment.

We can apply from oldness and tax payment portal site "hometown choice".


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Oldness and choice application(we link to outside site) 

↑(from image as for Internet application (credit, *shin) mentioned above)


Commercial and industrial sightseeing department Kirishima PR section city promotion promotion group oldness and person in charge of tax payment

〒899-4394 3-45-1, Kokubuchuo, Kirishima-shi, Kagoshima

Phone number 0995-64-0705

FAX: 0995-64-0958
E-mail: furusato@city-kirishima.jp

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