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Update day: May 11, 2018

Copyright and Links

Link policy

About link to Motoichi site

Link to Motoichi site is free. Prior communication is not necessary, but please inform of URL of origin of link to Motoichi when you link and set. (e-mail: info@city-kirishima.jp)
In addition, about contents of homepage by other groups linking to Motoichi site or individual, Kirishima-shi takes no responsibility.


  • Please note that contents of homepage of origin of link may ask cases against laws and ordinances and public order and morals for deletion of link which they set.
  • When you set link, please specify that it is link to Kirishima-shi homepage. In addition, prevent you from setting link letting you display page of Motoichi site in frame.
  • Please note that we change each file such as article or document in Motoichi site without notice or you may be canceled.

About link from Motoichi site

In contents of Motoichi site, we set link mainly on thing which is similar to public bodies such as country, local government and these for convenience of homepage user. About contents of linked homepage, Kirishima-shi does not take all responsibility. In addition, Kirishima-shi guarantees contents of the homepage or does not recommend.
When link from Motoichi site is hoped for, please see "Kirishima-shi homepage link standard" (PDF: 75KB).

About automatic translation function

For the purpose of telling about living information or urgent information toward the foreigner resident in Motoichi quickly again, we introduce automatic translation to "English" "Chinese" "Korean" to have you know Motoichi widely toward the foreign countries.
Usage can perform automatic translation by clicking button at top of the page.
※This translation function translates homepage by machine automatically. You note that proper nouns may not be translated exactly, and please read.

About sound reading function

By even sound providing contents of homepage, weak one, eyestrain of eyesight breathed, and introduced sound reading service into to use comfortably.

Offer of the latest information by RSS function

On Motoichi homepage, we offer the latest information by RSS function. We can check the latest information automatically even if we do not access Motoichi homepage.


You register link of RSS icon or the following URL with RSS leaders, and please use.

Kirishima-shi homepage latest news

About RSS

We can download RSS reader from various portal site, and free software is sold, too. About registration and handling methods such as RSS leaders, please see manual of each software and service. In addition, on the use of RSS leader, registration of personal information may be necessary. About the handling, please confirm Terms of Use and privacy policy. Please use in the range of personal responsibility.


With accuracy of information placed in Motoichi site, we are absolutely sure, but, about matter which we occurred because user uses information of Motoichi site, Kirishima-shi does not take responsibility. In addition, about the damage that covered by user having used this homepage and the damage that user gave third party, we shall not take responsibility for all.

Copyright Policy

We become a target of copyright, and information (sentence, photograph, illustration) publishing in Motoichi site is protected by copyright.
We cannot make reproduction, conversion without permission unless it was detected in Copyright Act including "reproduction for private use" and "quotation".

To download page of Adobe Reader

When you see file of Portable Document Format, Adobe Reader is necessary. Please download one that does not have Adobe Reader free from link of banner.


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