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Update day: July 4, 2018

Corporation number

From October, 2015, corporation number (13 columns) of one 1 corporation is appointed in corporation and is notified the location in the registration.

As a general rule, after the notice of number, corporation number is announced through the Internet. You can see from the following website.

Designation of corporation number

Corporation number,

  1. Corporation which registered establishment by rule of Companies Act or other laws and ordinances
  2. Engine of country
  3. Other than local public entity
  4. It is corporation without corporation except these or personality and is appointed in group which will have payment by self-assessment duty of corporation tax, consumption tax or withholding taxes duty of income tax to affect salaries. Secretary of National Tax Agency appoints corporation number without reporting in particular, and needing procedures about these corporations. In addition, thing corresponding to constant requirements such as groups submitting documents such as report, notification form to Chief tax practice based on law about corporation and national tax to have the head office in the country established in individual laws and ordinances can receive designation of corporation number even if it is corporation without corporation where corporation number is not appointed by the above or personality by reporting to Secretary National Tax Agency.
    In addition, corporation number is not appointed in branch or office of corporation as only 1 number is appointed as for corporation number for 1 corporation. (for personal company, corporation number is not appointed either.)

Publication of corporation number

Corporation number is announced through the Internet. You can see from the following website.

Head office or location of main office and 3 are three items (3 basics information) of corporation number business name or name, 2 1 of group where published information received designation of corporation number.

In addition, when there is change on business name or the location after having received designation of corporation number, we update publication information and decide to announce change history in addition.

The details about corporation number look at the following website.


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