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Update day: August 16, 2018

"The 15th recruits island photo contest" works

The 15th recruits works of island photo contest.

Sanae flies to Saita

Section award work free to do 14th

14 times of air awards

The 14th airport section award work

Offer work

* Free section
Photograph which lived, and arrested thing, Geopark about environment of natural scenery, traditional event, festival, scenery, industry, people who were rich in the four seasons of Kirishima-shi

* Airport section
Photograph which arrested charm of Kagoshima Airport including people, encounter, parting to act at airplane, airport from various angles

Application period

It must arrive by from Monday, January 7, 2019 to Friday, January 25, 2019

Application rule

1.Application score each less than five points of section one (as for winning a prize each one point of section one)
2.Applicant photographed by January 25, 2019 from January 1, 2018, and is limited to unpublished work.
3.Standard of work assumes color printing (limited to silver lead photograph print) quarter or quarter wide.

Application condition

1.Copyright of prize-winning work belongs to photographer. But we shall be able to publish in publication, homepage of city and other publications gratis after having obtained consent to photographer about the right to use.
2.We do not return prize-winning work. We do about return of work which failed to be accepted as a result of examination with (excluded on Saturday and Sunday) until March 15, 2019 from February 26, 2019. We dispose in sponsors about return work which there is not desired by date.
3.Entry is limited to thing which does not violate intellectual property rights of others and right of likeness. Please get consent of (subject) on application by all means.

Exhibition charges

It is 500 yen per one point

But free student (attach copy of student identification card.)

Application method

You attach nature on the same direction on the back of the work, and you attach exhibition charges, and, after filling out matter necessary for application vote (the flyer back), submit application vote.


The second floor of the 3-45-1, Kokubuchuo, Kirishima-shi intendance Main Building

(Kirishima-shi citizen Environment Department sports, Cultural Promotion Division art culture group)


* Free section

Drill stripe award: One point (prize money 100,000 yen, certificate of merit)

Four seasons prize: Four points (prize money 20,000 yen, certificate of merit)

Special prize: Two points (prize, certificate of merit)

Winning: 14 points (certificate of merit, prize)

* Airport section

Airport award: One point (prize money 100,000 yen, certificate of merit)

Award for excellence: Four points (prize money 20,000 yen, certificate of merit)

Support companies prize: 20 points (certificate of merit, prize)

Result announcement

We notify prizewinner directly on about February 20, 2019. In addition, we publish in Kirishima-shi homepage.


* Period From Sunday, March 3, 2019 to Sunday, March 17, 2019
* Place: The first floor of Kokubun Civic Center citizen gallery others
(note) may be changed by convenience in display schedule.

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